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What is a Wheneverinar?

Consider three technologies: videos, live streams and webinars

A video is presented asynchronously and viewed asynchronously (played back at a viewer's time of choosing).

A live stream is a presented synchronously and viewed synchronously (played back as it's recorded)

A webinar is presented synchronously but viewed asynchronously (until the "viewer questions" begin.)

A Wheneverinar is presented asynchronously but viewed synchronously!

VideoAsync ×Async ×
Live StreamSync ✓Sync ✓
WebinarSync ✓Async ×
WheneverinarAsync ×Sync ✓

Why Wheneverinars?

Synchronous media requires a presenter and an audience to be present at a specified time. This allows interaction between the audience and the presenter, like answering audience questions at the end of the video.

While this media may later be turned into an asynchronous video, it loses some of its charm. Viewers will have no opportunity to interact with the presenter, and they will know they are watching a pre-recorded video.

Asynchronous media, however, is cheaper to produce and higher quality. The reason live streams are not lost to the ether, but instead, are converted to videos for later viewing is because the "work" is already done. Asynchronous media has only the cost to create the video in the first place; no further investment necessary.

Wheneverinars bridge the gap between synchronous and asynchronous video. It takes all the advantages of asynchronous media - one time production costs and low maintenance costs - and pairs them with the advantages of synchronous media - live interaction with viewers.

In a Wheneverinar, viewers can chat in real-time with the presenter, and these comments are played back to future viewers at the same timestamp they were originally sent. The presenter can then return in future Wheneverinar sessions and participate again, answering new questions live while the video rolls. These responses will be injected at the proper timestamp for future viewers.

Other team members can also attend these sessions in lieu of the original presenter and answer questions.

Any first-time viewer will get the impression that the presenter's team is live and there are hundreds of active viewers participating in chat; in fact, this is true, but these viewers did not necessarily show up at the same time. That's the value proposition of the asynchronous webinar platform we offer called Wheneverinar.

Who should use Wheneverinars?

If your webinar presentations get three viewers, use a Wheneverinar instead

If you're tired of presenting the same content every week, use a Wheneverinar instead.

If you can't justify the ROI of a one-time webinar, use a Wheneverinar instead.